Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Junk Metal Nest Sketch

Last year, through an unexpected turn of events, this sketch appeared on a Channel 4 News item . The actual drawing is quite small and was just a quickly rendered sketch for a sculpture that I was planning to make by welding together random little bits of metal.
However, I was contacted by John McIlduff & Brian Irvine , who had just found my drawing online and they asked if they could use it for an upcoming press conference/TV interview here in London. John and Brian had just been confirmed as recipients of one of the 12 Artists Take the Lead awards (commissions totalling £5.4 million) for their proposed Nest Project. Their project involves the people of Northern Ireland donating objects that will then be collected and assembled into a giant creation that will be built in Belfast and coincide with the 2012 Olympics. The ‘Nest’ will then become the focal point of a large-scale music and choral event, composed, written and directed Brian and John.
I’m guessing that the pair asked to use my image because either they weren’t sure what their eventual sculpture would look like or because it came pretty close to my drawing. Either way I was happy for them to use my work and even happier when I saw it used as the final fade out image on the TV.
You can find out more about the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad at Arts Council England Press Office.

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