Friday, 27 August 2010

Boxed Heart Shape

One of the great things about being a sculptor is that it’s a license to collect and hoard rubbish. I have boxes and boxes of random ‘finds’. Most of the stuff I collect will sit around my studio for years (if not decades) before it gets incorporated into a sculpture – that’s if it gets used at all. The form that you can see in this rough sketch is of a weird root thing that I found growing out of an ancient grave in Nunhead Cemetery (my favourite cemetery in London) about 10 years ago. At first I was going to put it into one of my home-made boxes and build another structure like my City piece but because it reminded me of a heart I thought I’d save it for something special. It eventually became the centre piece of one of my two Pharos Cyclops sculptures. These two works are human-sized articulated figures with box-shaped heads. Both pieces have a single light projecting lens for an eye. They look a bit like wooden robots.

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