Sunday, 5 August 2012

Glofone Characters

For the past few months I've been working a new project, developing some cartoon characters for a new children's product. It's early days yet so it's probably best not to give away too many details but for a little more info and to see how some of my designs have been colourised and digitised you can check out Go With The Glo on Twitter – although, being a Twitter page, it also full of some rather randomness so you will have to sift through to find the relevant images.

The initial brief for the project called for the development of a few characters that were loosely based upon insects but they soon evolved into something a little more chimeric. The first character to break from the insect formula was a green chappy called Fugley. Here's a small model that I made of him.

And this picy shows him just before he got his green make-over; in a shade of ghastly green that some may recall from my And When I'm a Man sculpture. See – it all ties in (and who said my work was too diverse).

And here are the original working drawings from most recent and going down to the very early, more insect-like incarnations.

This grasshopper (or grasshiphopper) character went through quite a few changes before this, her final incarnation.

The brief called for the characters to live in a light house so this is what I came up with.

Here is a bee-like creature that owes more than a passing resemblance to Fugley and a mid-development grasshopper - still bearing a harp.

Now we're down to some of the early characters (after a bit of development) and the first appearnce of Fugley.

This is the earliest version of the grasshopper character.

And these are the two early versions of the glow worm.

Not a lot of difference between the two.

And these two drawings were supposed to be based upon a firefly - sort of!