Saturday, 6 April 2013

RCA Secret 2013

Darn, it looks like I've definitely been neglecting my poor little doodle blog lately. Never mind - daddy's back now! 

Okay - lets post a few pictures.  

These two postcard-sized drawings are two thirds of my submissions to this year's RCA Secret at the Royal College of Art's swanky new building in Battersea, London. This curved skull tower one is adapted from an earlier sketch that I made for a sculpture that I'm planning to start, once I've moved and settled into my new studio, later this month. I'll post an image of the original drawing (and a follow-up painting) later on, and something about how I came by the skull that I'll be using in the eventual sculpture. 

I don't really have much to say about this second RCA Secret card apart from that I got the idea for it after coming across a photocopy of a drawing that I made years ago, at a trippy in-door festival-type event that took place in the arches under London Bridge. 

And this is the photocopy. 

Okay – I know that this isn't a drawing but it's the third 'postcard' that I exhibited in this year's RCA Secret show so I thought that I'd show it to you.

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