Sunday, 15 May 2011

More Late Night Doodles

As a kid I used to hate using felt tipped pens (I’ve never been a big fan of garish or bright colours) but I’ve recently started to come round to them – especially the ones with the rigid, brush-like tips. They work well on shiny paper and are a lot of fun to work with when I’m doing my quick-fire drawings.

I call this doodle, Entrails Orb. It emerged from me really being in the mood to sketch but not being able to think of anything the draw. So I just moved the pen around the page until a shape appeared.

This one is called Alien Pope. I hate and like it in equal measure. Actually that’s not true – I mostly hate this drawing. I think it’s almost totally rubbish but there are a few marks in there somewhere that I like so that’s why I’ve shown it. Suppose I gotta show the good and the bad.

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